SPORTYTUDE is a Sports Management Group formed by Sports Commentator & Presenter
Roshan Shetty. The name SPORTYTUDE arises by clubbing the words SPORT and ATTITUDE.
SPORTYTUDE was formed with a primary objective of providing a robust platform for
discovering young talent and further promoting & nurturing the same in India. We also intend
to promote niche sports in our country, acting as a catalyst and igniting a flame for the
potentially talented sports persons, thereby fostering them to maximize their capability to the



We also undertake spreading of knowledge and benefit of Sports to people across the
country. Professionalism dominates every aspect of our team. Comprehensive modus
operandi ranging from planning to successful execution of services for our stakeholders has
been developed, where every facet is covered to enhance a sportsman’s ability & develop
their talent.
We, the management cadre, work in tandem where each member plays a vital role to ensure
that SPORTYTUDE services meet the need of our sportsman on and off the track.


We Envisage to create a 360 degree robust platform to unearth, nurture and foster fine talents to achieve their
dreams & to render them better human beings.